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Career Transition Assistance


The Career Transition Assistance (CTA) program is designed to help mature-age job seekers aged 45 and over, build their skills and confidence to become more competitive in their local labour market.

CTA is a free program funded by the Australian Government for eligible participants.

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How can the CTA program help me?

CTA will provide you with practical support to:

• build your skills and confidence to use every-day technologies such as computers, tablets and smart phones.

• improve your skills to apply for jobs online, and to use simple technology found in different workplaces.

• explore your goals and motivations.

• identify your existing skills and how they transfer to other jobs or industries.

• better understand the job opportunities in your local area, and the skills you might need for these jobs.

• update and tailor your job applications to apply for a range of different jobs.

• follow up job applications appropriately.

At the end of the program, we will develop a plan specifically for you, with steps for marketing yourself to employers and ways you can boost your chances of getting the job you want.


 Am I eligible? 

All job seekers aged 45 years and over are eligible to be referred to CTA if participating in the following services: 

• Workforce Australia 
• Disability Employment Services or 
• Workforce Australia Online if they are self-referring as an Online participant, or 
• by the Department’s Contact Centre in the instance that they are not registered with an employment services provider. 

What can I expect? 

You will meet with Qualify will, before starting the program. They will get to know you to understand your needs and assess your ability to use a range of different technologies, so they can tailor the program to best support you. 

CTA will take up to eight weeks to complete. We will give you details about the days and times you need to attend the program. On occasion, it can be condensed into a shorter period. Your Provider will advise you as to what options are available to you. 

Upon completion of CTA, eligible participants may be able to undertake work experience through the National Work Experience Program. Discuss this with Qualify if you are interested.


How to register 

How you register for Career Transition Assistance depends on your circumstances: 

  •  If you are a Workforce Australia Online Participant, you can self-refer to a course by completing an online booking form or by contacting the department’s Digital Services Contact Centre on 1800 314 677. 
  •  If you are registered with an employment services provider, they can refer you to a course. 
  •  If you are not registered with an employment services provider but would like to know more about what CTA can offer you, contact the Digital Services Contact Centre on 1800 314 677 (free call from land lines) or email


Course Delivery

Career Transition Assistance is an 8-week course. Qualify’s standard program includes interactive small group workshops in half-day sessions Monday to Friday for the first two weeks, then single half-day sessions up to week eight.

We also offer flexible participation options to help individuals access services.


Course Locations

Qualify is delivering Career Transition Assistance in the Wimmera Mallee and South Coast of Victoria regions.


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