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WorkReady Profile

WorkReady Jobseeker Profiling

Based on a three-stage questionnaire, the WorkReady Profile is designed to help you review your personal motivation, identify and address personal circumstances that may act as barriers to work and explore relevant opportunities in the local job market.

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The Workready Jobseeker Profiling tool is unique, comprehensive, insightful, practical and accessible.

It is a self-reflection questionnaire designed to elicit critical information to assist in creating an individual job plan and speed up the process of gaining employment. Delivered online, the WorkReady Profile provides a unique and engaging opportunity for jobseekers to increase their self-awareness, identify their strengths, employment barriers and support needs. The 15-minute profile is insightful and straightforward for the jobseeker to complete.

How does it work?

The WorkReady Profile evolved from insights gained from our extensive employment services experience in partnership with organisational psychologists and employment industry experts.

It identifies individual work readiness and creates a blueprint for job planning by reviewing the employment foundations of motivation, barriers, and labour market opportunities.

What problem does it solve for Employment Services?

Employment services professionals have high caseloads; they are time poor and struggle to provide insightful, tailored support for their clients and to achieve outcome KPIs and performance ratings.

  • Creates efficiencies in managing high caseloads
  • Speeds up the process of getting to know and understand the jobseeker
  • Empowers jobseekers to build an understanding of their work readiness and how this relates to their choices in training, job search and lifestyle
  • Fast tracks the journey from initial appointment to placement
  • Provides critical information in a user-friendly report

  • Provides a blueprint for the individual job seeker
  • Includes a snapshot of the jobseekers motivation, potential barriers to employment and target role
  • Enables Employment Consultants to:
    • Effectively match job seekers with opportunities and
    • To provide appropriate supports to address job seeker barriers to work